City of Trilj


Trilj, the Cetina city of bridges, was founded in prehistoric times near the most convenient and therefore the most important crossing over the river Cetina and, later on, at the crossroads of important transport routes to the ancient cities Salona, Narona and Argentaria. Today the town and its surrounding villages have some 5500 inhabitants.

The Trilj area is mild, spreading on both sides of the river in the southeast of Sinjsko polje, away from the mountain ranges that close it off, Kamesnica in the northeast and Mosor in the south. Even the flow of the Cetina is quiet until Trilje and then, just below it, the river enters a tight canyon with steep rocky sides, where it quickly runs to the threshold of its confluence with the sea, finally breaking through the gorges of Omis.

However, the landscapes of Trilj suggest relaxation and calls for quiet walking, cycling and horse riding tours. The colourful pattern of the fertile Sinjsko polje, the soft coastal strip of the Cetina with poplar palisades, gentle hills dotted with trails that meander through villages and the area unusually rich in history and natural charms provide a different, dare we say - a more elegant, adventurous section of the MedPaths project. Let us set off!


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