Public institutions ReraSD Coordination and Development SD County

Public Institution RERA S.D. for Coordination and Development of Split Dalmatia County is established by the Decision of the Split Dalmatia County Council on 30.06.2011 (legal successor of the Split-Dalmatia County Development Agency registered on 18.09.2006).

We are organised in 3 departments: Department for regional development and Department for project preparation and project implementation and Department for rural development.

RERA S.D. is a multidisciplinary institution founded by Split-Dalmatia County for efficient coordination and implementation of projects in the field of regional development. Its main activities are:

  • Coordination of implementation of Regional development strategy
  • Preparation and implementation of EU funded projects


Public institution RERA SD was established with the objective of creating an operating entity serving as instrument of development for the region with emphasis on European integration and attraction of foreign investments.

The goal (vision) of Public institution RERA SD to be the link between public, private and civil sector in building up of strategic partnerships in application and implementation of projects that contribute to raising of life standard on the territory of Split-dalmatia county.

Our goal is promotion of regional development through available EU funds as well as other international funds, according to the priorities set out in the Regional operational plan, and attracting foreign investors to our territory.


The main activities are: technical and advising support in programmes of international and regional cooperation; exchange of information aiming at regional development and creation of local, cross-border and international networks; promotion of the territory; support to development programmes including public-private partnerships, direct investments and joint ventures; mediation in cooperation with national and international financial institutions; attraction of direct foreign investments (FDI); building up institutional capacities; technical assistance to local authorities in application of project proposals meant for financing by pre-accession funds of the EU, etc.

Some of activities are:

  • market research
  • technical assistance and consultancy in programmes of international and inter-regional cooperation
  • informing and consultancy services
  • advising,(except tax and investments)
  • promotion (advertising and publicity)
  • elaboration of programmes and projects for urban and rural community through systematic enterprise
  • participation in public-private-partnerships, direct investments, joint ventures
  • mediation in cooperation with domestic, international and foreign investment institutions
  • representation of foreign companies
  • professional assistance to local self-government units in elaboration of project proposals to be funded by pre-accession funds of EU and other funds