The municipality of Dugi Rat


The municipality of Dugi Rat, along with Podstrana in the northwest, occupies the coastal slopes of Mosor’s southernmost cliff, Primorska kosa, from its rocky ridge to the sea. The rocks of the Cetina’s estuary form the southeastern border towards Omis.

The southwestern oriented hillside of Primorska kosa, exposed to direct sunlight and relatively sheltered from the rush of northerly winds, was favourable to the development of the Mediterranean warmth-loving and sclerophyllous vegetation and the cultivation of true Mediterranean agricultural crops: olives, stone fruit and grapes. At the contact zone of slightly inclined fertile flysch slopes and steep limestone cliffs there is a string of old, mostly abandoned and partially reconstructed villages, whose inhabitants descended to the coast, encouraged by new economic challenges.

There is a path along this stretch, along the entire Primorska kosa, which simultaneously provides access to old villages and is an excellent recreational walking and cycling trail. It also provides several hiking routes across the ridge of Primorska kosa, consisting mainly of restored old access roads to the churches and cemeteries on the tops and slopes of Primorska kosa, towards its hinterland. In the spirit of renewed interest in natural and rural cultural heritage, from prehistoric cult sites to religious buildings (the churches of St Maximus, Our Lady Stomorica and St Mark) and folk architecture complexes, these localities are now being promoted and toured as part of cultural and adventure tourism perfectly integrated into the tame landscape of Dugi Rat.

Dugi Rat

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