City Vrlika


The territory of the City of Vrlika, with an area of 243.83 km2, is located in the northwest of the Split-Dalmatia County, in the depths of the Dalmatian hinterland where the warm wind from the Adriatic is barely felt. It is shielded by the rocky folds of Svilaja in the southwest and Dinara in the northeast, and circled by the Cetina, the largest Dalmatian karst river, whose mysterious underground streams erupt right there, at the foot of Dinara, just a few kilometres from the city, whose original name was, after all - Vrh Rike (Top of the River).

The harsh karst mountainous terrain at the edges of the Vrlika area is quite an opposition to its still fields, Vrlicko and Pasko, and, further south, the blues of the Peruca where, since a dam was erected as part of a hydroelectric power station in 1958, the waters of the Cetina come to a halt after 25 km of steady flow.

Although less than an hour's drive separates the Vrlika area from the large coastal cities of Dalmatia, the wildness of the area and its magnificent beauty make it a distant, almost timeless and certainly very special part of the Mediterranean routes.


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