Municipality of Šestanovac


The municipality of Sestanovac (89.5 km2) spreads from the territory of Kresevo on the right bank of the river Cetina to the left bank, deep into the Zabiokovlje. Situated 400m above sea level, its dry carst plateau occupies the largest part of the terrain and is surrounded by cliffs and numerous hills rising up to 600 m. About 8 km2 of its south-eastern territory as well as 10 km of the canyon of river Cetina, situated on the north-eastern part of the municipality, make part of the Park of nature Biokovo . The surprising variety of the scenery of this relatively small region situated between the cliffs of the canyon Cetina and mountaintops of Biokovo reflects in the diversity of this well-preserved natural habitat, plants and numerous animal species.

Due to the increasing interest in the traditional way of life and genuine and sustainable ecological approach to nature, Sestanovac land has opened the door of its treasure house and offered the visitors its cultural tourism and adventurism gems.

In this unique and inimitable hidden region of Dalmatian hinterland, nestled among the natural and adventure attractions – the canyon of river Cetina and the Biokovo slopes, there is a network of trails and cycle lanes constructed during the project MedPaths and surrounded by the most picturesque scenery of the Zabiokovlje region.


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