Town Omiš


The 40km long canyon of the river Cetina makes the backbone of the city of Omis (266.2 km2). This imposing geological phenomenon, a unique carst and eco system is confined within a category of protected natural scenery. The end of the canyon is significantly botanical area and it has been included in the European ecological network Natura 2000.

Protected with high mountains and connected to the inland with the river canyon, the area has been inhabitated since ancient times and was developing as an important military and trade place for centuries. The pirates of Omiš were ruling the town for more than two centuries, whereas the old principality of Poljica was growing close to it, so that contemporary Omiš can be proud of both the pirate tradition and the one of Poljica, that were developing in a dynamic and fruitful interaction for centuries.

Numerous historical and cultural monuments witness about the rich and turbulent history of the whole area, and one of the symbols of Omiš is traditional folk song, being brought from generation to generation through the Festival of Dalmatian folk songs. Coastal massifs of Dinara and Primorska kosa contribute to the dynamics of Omis scenery while the peak St Jure (1319 m) and the foothills on the east dominate the urban hinterland.

Picturesque relief of Omis scenery is an increasingly trendy destination for sport, recreation and tourism arrangements, which, every year, offer more variety and excitement. There is currently a rising interest in adrenaline sports since the fascinating rocks and cliffs of the delta attract climbers and numerous lovers of water adventures. Project Med Paths promotes one of the most enchanting sceneries of Omis, so a correct presentation of its importance and natural heritage go in hand with the endeavour of preserving its delicate ecological wellbeing.


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